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Here at Antons Pizza we are a restaurant type focused on pizza, the name says it all really, however while pizzas and calzones are our signature dishes, being a pizza restaurant is more than just a pizza slice, the experience can be far more fulfilling if you take a look at our starters and sides, if you are feeling particularly peckish you might enjoy our smoked ribs, available in a multitude of flavors, but smaller options exist in our famous potato wedges with accompanying dips, there's many flavors to choose from, and you'd be surprised at how well they go with pizza. But of course, pizza is our priority, and believe us when we say variety is our game, pizza crust is such an important part of any good pizza, and with us, you choose how you like it, all of our pizzas are available on a thin crust, a stuffed crust, or you can opt for out signature deep pan crust that will provide an even more authentic flavor, and of course, flavors, when it comes to the available options you can find all the classics, Roma, Atlanta, Torino, Napoli, all the traditional flavors from Italy are at your hand, and if you can’t settle for just one, then don’t, you can order a half and half pizza, we make sure you call all the shots.

About Antons Pizza

Antons Pizza is really focused on being part of the community, for over 5 years we've been serving the best pizzas in Warrington, making sure to provide our costumers an authentic and delightful experience when it comes to pizza, our cooking aims to provide both a traditional pizza flavor and style, while letting you, the customer choose how you'd like to enjoy your meal today. But we also have a strong focus on building a community; as such we constantly offer our doors to share sport and cultural events, to make sure Antons Pizza is truly made by all of us.

Restaurant location Antons Pizza

We are located in the Orford area of Cheshire, specifically we are located in Longford Street Warrington WA2 7PG, this puts us clearly in a residential and school area, making it an ideal pick for any locals looking for a tasty and fast meals, however it is also close to the major Winwick Road, meaning that it's also an easy detour to make on any daily trips you might make in the area. Of course we understand that sometimes paying a visit isn’t possible, and both delivery and pick-up are available online through our site and official app, Antons Pizza, available both on Google Play and Apple's App Store. Antons has the pizza for you, the way you want it, so make sure to order soon and find a new way to experience an old classic.

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